Killer In His Lair


The Squandered Gift: Of Such Small Things

Its actually the lair of his older brother (the lure of a new playstation 3), provokes that timeless parental response, could you please do something about the state of that room. Despite the fact you feel a stab of guilt saying it as it comes with  the stark reminder of the twists  and turns of time; the disconcerting emotion that you are becoming exactly like you’re own parents.

Unchanging words from a mouth utterly changed and shaped by circumstance and the emotional flux that alters its form and gives the past a distant and melancholy flavor. In these moments we grasp their can be no return and become aware our powers of prediction may be limited until we find ourselves in the moment. No matter how repeated the revelation it is always a shock to the core of being, as it hints at what gives it shape and form.

Now if only I could solve that old philosophical question and rather vexing negotiation, ‘what exactly do you do in the bathroom all day and could you please get out sometime soon?’ All would be well.

The world is full of experts and authorities on parenting and every other subject under the sun. The failure I find is that experts in particular things we may be, but teaching we find remarkable difficult, the most demonstrable act  you can make here is to let go and let things find themselves at hopefully the correct moment, an act which familiarity and love of subject and the manner in which it forms self makes difficult and it certainly takes a lot of patience.

Repetition without such reciprocity, all you teach is a lesson in brutality and a particular form of all to easy to manufacture authority that is lazy, slothful and persistent.

Queer Democracy

Watching the analysis of last nights vote was extraordinary.  First couple of hours labor politicians appearing seemed to be those who had administered the no campaign they continued with the same aggressive message and it sounded like a car crash. Was older members of the former Blair administration who I have never agreed with politically who seemed to strike the correct note, along with members of the yes campaign in particular, The Greens and Nicola Sturgeon, notable speaking from Glasgow the heartland of Left  in Scotland which voted with a majority for an independent Scotland.

The no campaign and the section of Scottish labor involved in it lost the debate as far as I am concerned and are the political opposition. The S.N.P who I disagree with intensely did not come out of the night looking like losers.

Political landscape seems to have utter altered here at speed. Fascinating to watch how this plays out, both in Scotland and at a wider U.K level. I would like to see Danny Alexander who lead the no campaign resign or certainly removed from the front line of politics. He unfortunately attempted to use the result to justify his leadership of the worst mis-managed and out of touch political campaign I can remember.

What seemed to be emerging tentatively last night were pragmatic voices from the S.N.P and senior figures from Labour, a shared commitment and consensus in regard to change and improvement for the population of Scotland and most notably those living in acute poverty with the no stake in modern Britain and the least to lose economically from significant political change.

For the moment the frozen North seems to have come alive and while the political ground is entirely uncertain, hope also seems to be tentatively flowering and not for a Scotland of Ancient Heraldic flags, Robert the Bruce, Shortbread or Tartan but one unifying behind  a pragmatic political vision for how a society should be governed. Or so you hope.

Everything to play for here not just for Scotland but for the notion of democracy and the engagement of the entire population in the political processes.





I went out for a walk late as I will be up all night to watch the vote. People talking politics out on the street from the moment I opened my front door (bad night for pictures as strong orange street glow). All young, all yes voters, flags hanging off cars, on houses.

Always felt uncomfortable with national emblems, certainly uncomfortable with the thought of full independence, but the engagement in politics happening here in this moment and the unified message from supports of both yes and no all calling for social justice and equality .Whats not to like!

Look at the flags flying tonight and I don’t see something that represents a narrow, inward looking vision but a large mass of people with differing political perspectives, drawn from all social classes sharing the same hope for a future society and world in which social justice and equality are ideas that must be at the center of a proper functioning civic society.

Message with a much wider reach than just these shores. To see so many people expressing the same hopes and dreams on mass and up close, for a moment the mad world we live in looked very different and filled with potential.


Strange Day But At Least We have The Rain


I had no difficulty in deciding what way to vote and voted as I thought i would, but it has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do politically. Political landscape is altering fast here and the main U.K parties don’t seem to be up to speed. The no campaign was without any doubt the worst managed campaign I have ever witnessed. I could not vote yes but the no campaign made it extraordinarily difficult to actually vote no.

In effect I have voted to allow breathing space for negotiation on the future of Britain but feel I have been asked to compromise to a huge extent.

Not allowing a third option for devo. max was a serious political and democratic fail. Its what everyone wanted to see, its non-inclusion meant debate was stifled and it made the act of voting very emotionally difficult.


Compromise by all sides has to be the name of the game, not optimistic and feel that if we are not independent tomorrow, the state of Britain has fundamentally altered and is far from secure.

Going through the processes of making this decision, and watching the failure of politicians and also a failure of the British media is a serious concern given the complexity and difficulty surrounding what now has to be negotiated. Wither its devolution max or independence its going to be a difficult debate.

Made the biggest political compromise of my life, less than happy about doing so and feel I have had to throw a life line to both a prime minister who I despise and a political system which has demonstrable failed to engage with the political reality on the ground.

Its now a case of seeing what tomorrow brings. Change is inevitable no reason why it can’t be change for the better and a more democratic future for everyone living in these islands.

Its a change that will require significant movement by politicians and a more responsible media so I am not holding my breath.

But here for those citizens not fully committed to a sudden and dramatic shift to full Independence  we would appear to be learning take very difficult decisions  that demand significant compromise without any real leadership or support from the political classes.