Face facts, I can’t blog anymore. Always the issue with this, my subject starts with a legal text the legality is not particularly the important part, but the issue with it was study dispute in a dispute situation always starts to look like something else.

Also not going to be able to much about what is happening here or part of it at least. Would mean looking for posts on sites from 5 or 6 years ago.

Really sick of this. I had to make a relatively minor complaint about a staff member at university who, no one else would speak about. It caused me no end of issues. When something far worse happened, I tried to deal with the matter informally, more concerned with being able to finish my course of study.

Instead I lost the life savings I had paid in fees for a course I had been blocked from  getting started. Even I was starting to misread and was concerned the environment was balancing studying dispute, as a glanced about my environment; was a mad house.

Not the only person who had serious problems in that place, not the only one not to say anything. Its fear. You know what will happen if you do and unfortunately it’s not a figment of my imagination. That you can deal with.


Orgies of Feelings

” An orgy of feeling (is) employed as the most effective means of deadening dull, paralyzing, protracting pain… To wrench the human soul from its moorings, to immerses it in terrors, ice, flames, and raptures to such an extent that it is liberated from all petty displeasure, gloom and depression by a flash of lightning: What paths lead to this goal? And which of them do so most surely?”

Fredrich Nietzsche

On the Geneology of Morals


Elisabeth R. Anker, Orgies of Feelings, Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom, London, 2014


To Whom It May Concern: A Serious Word.

New day a new term, evil eye for older material, venomous eye as a modern term.

My computer is still playing up. I think I am watching the emergence of a small group of folk starting to flex their muscles online and branching out more. Victims chosen are those they considered to be weak, isolated and vulnerable. Also a serious racist element.

Flushed with what it sees as initial successes, it appears to be on the tipping point of turning into a more serious online entity.

What they will do is track you and shit bomb more popular sites you read using both legal and illegal methods it would seem. They will search out forums you use, personal details on youre family and relatives in an attempt to profile and deepen attacks.

Sad people, this clearly gives them a feeling of power and control. Write all over the palace online using a false name does not hide youre data fingerprint and you can’t wipe the trail you have left.

The obsessive nature of this small merry band is somewhat disturbing.

You are not in control, you have no power and you are going to end up in a world of deep woe. Death threats I take very seriously, data protection more so.

unfortunately I am not weak or isolated and some of the folks I correspond with are rather serious people, who work on really serious areas relating to law, data protection at a senior level and the investigation of criminal entities online using modern computer forensic science.

In Irish law a fool who urges other fools into battle is held liable of the actions of the group. Whilst you may think you are protecting national interest and a defence of you’re community I can assure you, you are doing the contrary and if you persist in youre delusional activities, you are only making matters more serious than they all ready are.

They are already far more serious than you may imagine.

unfortunately in you’re paranoid and delusional state you’re small merry band have already repeatedly over the years shown a complete inability to read correctly and have judged a range of utterly unrelated posts to be related to yourself and youre activities at various web sites.

I would read this post with extreme care if I were you.

If you think this is just a matter of libel or indeed just related to me, I would seriously try to stop running with youre imagination and attempt to start using youre brain.

I don’t want to say anymore as I don’t want to interfere with other processes but I need to protect both my own health and the online safety of my family.





Byssus Is Thinking

With a background in early medieval history, I chose a dangerous path in investigating the more recent past. I ignored all secondary historical sources, used no methodology and read lots of sources cold. I wanted to reduce bias as much as possible, whilst knowing ignorance of wider context would lead to error in the medium term. Now reading other contemporary approaches.

For the early period I will stick to the term the evil eye for more contemporary matters the venomous eye appears a more useful one for the modern period.

Press on with the frog, introduce some brief sources with notes, one on Anglo-Norman Street Theatre and another on Faith and Reason, looking at how the church re-invented and ordered foundation legends during the medieval renaissance. A look at metaphors and how they get under the skin.

More eagle-eyed readers may have noted the origin of my use of the term Byssus, how do you smell the smell of a smell and trace the scent of such things? How do you develop methods to investigate such things forensically?

Break the flow on frogs with a terse post on alibi’s next, using my typical mystical dreamy methods and looking at other mystical seers who use my humble research in other spheres of life.



Final Thoughts

I don’t want to name and expose these folks for reasons that should be obvious and dont want to say to much. I had issues with them many years ago. Never confronted them directly however I do know how mad and angry they will be now.

If they have taken offense and they take it very easily to any readers here, they are obsesive will trawl through youre lives and youre families. Welcome to the new world order of the extreme right it would seem. Arent they just a lovely bunch of guys and girls.

I am sort of just sitting this one out thew more disturbing thing for me on the fringes of this seem to be a few academics lurking with a rather diffrent agenda. Sort of more disturbing if it is the case.

Stay safe.

Private World

Briefly discuss an aspect of my subject that I do not discuss online, prefer to deal with the violence aspect as the other aspect I find too emotionally unsettling.

When I started studying seriously the subject I looked at it was split into two separate parts. A very individual Scottish philosopher who looked at feral children and sought to ask the world if such creatures were human and could be educated? The other was the wild man, one researcher on the same topic but a bit further down the road, once said to me, you have to walk down some dark paths with this subject. I knew the British legend well by this point and also had a growing understanding of related creatures in Irish culture and in later folklore. I did not really understand what she meant at that point.

The french feral creature Lord Monboddo studied was treated in some descriptions in poetry as an object of sexual fetish.

I never thought when I first started looking at the sexual aspects of the motifs that they had any bearing on my own life and childhood.

Part of what I study is how abused children become entangled in a wider public imagination, how they become objects of fetish, with no voice of their own. I want to study this and present a rational balanced argument based on solid historical evidence. Demonstrating how we are culturally disposed to treating this subject. This is not an attack on religion, science or any other particular group but a discussion of cultural attitudes and the stories told about such things, which have a long cultural history.

I don’t want to become entangled in my own text I can keep a distance from my own emotions and childhood experience. I want to keep my private life private. I dont want to have to discuss the emotional basis for the aspect of my study that concerns the abuse of children and the narrative’s that surround them.

I can put up with the personal pain involved in this subject, I want to see these subjects understood fully, I don’t want others to have lived with the sorrow and the inability to speak about such things or become some warped fantasy in the mind of others.

Big data I use is limited and of recent vintage. It comes from chewing through public texts, literature, in an effort to gauge wider emotional attitudes. I don’t engage in contemporary field work as I feel ethnology can be somewhat intrusive in regard to people’s personal beliefs unless it’s handled with care and often due to the pressure of coming up with academic results, that’s sometimes not the case. I study marginal groups historically instead.

Elite groups who are comfortable and not perceived as victims can also fall into that grouping, businessmen and Lawyers are often the subject of much contempt as are ethnic groups perceived to be well off and comfortable like the Jewish community.

Data laws in Europe are being re-drawn at the moment. One of the models for future legislation is Germany. German people have a history here reflected in the legal framework. A country that suffered the persecution and monitoring of the far right and also with Stassi in East Germany the far left. The law and Lawyers despite public perceptions can and odes work sometimes in the public interest and indeed the conclusion of my own study is that the lives of the population have improved slowly and sporadically through time.

Protection from the intrusion of extremists in our lives is an important and pressing issue. But I also get strangely emotive when folks do things like attempting to accesses bank details stored on my computer (a recent first), the online safety of my children etc.

I don’t want to have to recount anymore of this in public. Subject I have only discussed three times to anyone, once early on this evening. I do have some understanding, now why such things are never spoken, why people have to go through life silent, unable to confront even privately such things. I turned my head to studying such things without even fully admiting why. Having to do that at the moment.