The Damage is Done

“You officers that are stationed, in front of the stage behind the barricade. You will go to Mr Maurice Shapiro, the first aid man and he will furnish you with earplugs, so as to keep you from having a headache. (If) he runs out of earplugs he has got some cotton; you can use that.  We have a detention room, set up within the Colosseum. Any persons that you arrest, for ejection, will be brought to room D. Is that understood? You will take their names, their addresses and their telephone numbers. We will not allow any dancing. Running up and down the aisles. Is that Clear with everybody? Thank you.”

“The angry consternation of their elders will not stop the youth of each culture from assuming characteristics from the others and then changing their cultures from within as they themselves assume leadership roles and act to make the external world consonant with their hybrid selves.

What then will happen when information flows over the geographic obstacles and cultural barriers that have divided human beings into thousands of isolated groups for most of history as a species?”


Speech detailing American police monitoring and security at a Rock and Roll Concert

Bruce E. Wexler, Brain and Culture


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