To Reality and Beyond: A Being Out of Time

Absorption: The Construction of a Universe Under A Pint Glass

Jimmy Reed on commitment, belonging and the collective re-living of an event:

I like the way Jimmy Reed and the documentary makers collaborated here, some nice observations. His commentary is well supported by the images. The moment the pub in which the supporters (all exclusively male) are drinking, melts and begins to form into a football terrace is particularly nice.

“Can you hear the angels singing from where you stand?”

The front row of the bar is clearly a marginal space between the pub and the terrace but this zone will be more easy to police and monitor by the bar staff. They are off camera but you can suspect that their presence is felt by those sitting in the front line. I find the cultural warrior with the pint glass on his head somewhat pleasing, as he floats through deep space and possibility and moves in and out of a number of potential worlds, that of the pub, the terrace and his awareness that he is engaging with a wider audience entirely remote from the event through the lens of the camera. He demonstrates the multiple contexts, which you need to contend with and mesh in order to perform.

He is certainly a part of being Scottish, the effect of a cultural propensity towards drinking too much industrial strength pig lager allow such unguarded technique, to make itself slightly more easy to observe, the tiny split second disruptions, gaps and movement between zones, which if successfully negotiated allow for absorption and flow and if not disassociation and fragmentation. A being of potential and chaotic possibility.

It details for me the creative potential that allows for two of my favorite subjects, storytelling and history. The ability to relive, retell and re-shape events,  this allows cultural activities to impact not just on those who have participated at that moment in time but also those who have not. It is language that allows this creative potential and possibility.


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