Of Vulgar Philosophers and The Mysteries of the Noddocke

Vulgar Philofophers, feeing the maruellous works which brute beasts performe, affirme it holds no caufe of maruell, becaufe they do it by naturall inftinct, in as much as nature fheweth and teacheth each in his kind what he is to do. And in this they fay very well, for we haue alreadie alleaged and proved, that nature is nothing elfe than this temperature of the foure firft qualities, and that this is the fchoolmaifter who teacheth the foules in what fort the are to worke: but they tearme inftinct of nature a certaine maffe of things, which rife from the noddocke vpward, neyther could they euer expound or giue vs to vndeFtand, what it is. The graue Phlofophers (as Hippocarates, Plato and Ariftotle atrribute all thesfe maruellous workes to heat, cold, moifture, and drouth, and this they affirme of the firfst principle, and paffe no further. And if you aske who hath taught the brute beasts to doe thefe works, (which breed vs fuch maruell) and men to difcourse of them all without any teacher: as if he fhould fay, The faculties or the temperature of which they cosist, are al giuen them without being taught by any other.

Examine de Ingenious

The Examination of Mens Wits

In which, by difcouering the varietie of natures,

is fhewed for what profeffion each one is apt,

and how far fhall profit therein.

By John Haurte

Translated out of the Spanish tongue by

M. Camillo Camiili

Englifhed out of his Italian by

R.C. Efquire




Noddocke= the projecting part of the back of the head; one variant still used is noodle which has come to refer to the head as a whole.