Its A Miricle! Deserving Poor Identified From Within The Teaming Horde Of the Feckless and The Damned

Today’s News: Rejoice For He Shall Walk Amongst The Righteous

Feelgood pew filler, on charity, inequality, morality and its consequences.

Women drops expensive wedding ring in homeless mans cup by mistake. She returns next day to find it and Homeless man hands it back. He receives $150,000 in donations after online page broadcasting the ‘miracle’ is set up by the ‘lucky’ couple.

Homeless man retrospectively claimed he felt as if he had the devil whispering on his shoulder but resisted such temptation and is keen to stress that his grandfather was a preacher, giving further foundations to make sense out of the event. It’s also flagged in the story that it has helped to restore peoples faith; wither that new found renewal is to be found in Jesus, the dollar or the reason to feel comfortable with inequality I will leave an open question depending on preference. They would all appear to potentially lurk somewhere in the mix. The potential to inflect the narrative in any one of number of directions is impressive.

Simple, fluid in form and highly effective in both written and I presume particularly this coming Sunday, in spoken form. Having a potentially wide and varied inflection range is essential with spoken word performance and a highly attractive attribute. It makes such things tempting, ensnaring and repetitive.

Running Out of Time

A life becomes entangled in a wider web and the escape from it’s repetition becomes increasingly difficult the more the story is told and moves further from the moment in which it was constructed.


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