39 Steps: The Roots of Science Bubble Blowing?

An update on the last post. I had a chance to listen to B.B.C. radio 4 on The Roots of Scottish Nationalism. An excellent series. It made the point that maintaining a sense of Scottish identity in terms of achievement in science, engineering,  invention, exploration etc. was important to the unionist agenda in Scotland since the enlightenment. Presenting Scotland as a vital player in Britain’s industrial successes and also maintaining economic links with immigrant Scots throughout the Empire by promoting a shared sense of identity and achievement.

But it was presenting a distinct identity separate from English achievement in sciences; although this was also celebrated south of the border as well celebrating the diversity and Scotland’s contribution to the might of Empire.

I wonder if this separate sense of scientific identity may perhaps be an issue particularly if the same nationalist sense of a separate development has also been the case in England?  It may have worked whist both countries understood the economic advantages of union and the politics more stable allowing for an easier acknowledgment and celebration of diversity between Scotland and England.

In a contemporary setting articles like the one Thony draws attention to looks distinctly fully detached from the notion of maintaining a modern sense of being a part of a diverse enterprise like Britain.

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