Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know

 An Empire Lies Dreaming  In A Strange Plantation of Tails

Spending time in the late 17th century of Late with Scottish philosopher and Judge lord Monboddo. Looking at his critics, particularly early anti- abolitionists involved in the debate on slavery in both England and Scotland.

Monboddo is often described as a lover of paradox and his view that the orangutan is the brother of man coupled with his deep regard for the institution and benefits of slavery is perhaps the biggest paradox of all.

Monboddo’s views on slavery are not limited to enslaving Africans, he is a deeply conservative aristocrat with particular views on class. It’s an unusually extreme perspective.

I have stuck to examining his text’s just starting to branch out and look at his wider social network.

Despite his extreme and dismal view on slavery, he mixed in the same social circle which included a number of notable  abolitionists strongly opposed to his perspectives, yet respectful of his social position. Criticism of his views on slavery have always been muted,and indeed he has at times been mistaken for a far more liberal creature than he was.

His work is deeply problematic and as a judge he was also directly involved in significant legal activity in regard to slavery and attempted to argue that the institution should be legal in Britain. His philosophical and empirical inquiries into the nature of humanity formed part of his legal perspective here. The Scottish courts were engaged in a significant, historical enquiry into slavery and Monboddo’s wider argument and philosophical perspective must be evaluated in this legal context, which offers a significant insight into his contemporary opinions on British society.

Public Performance

He was a highly unusual individual, with what seem to be very contrary perspectives.  Hopefully placing him more fully in the context of the late 17th century and placing the subject in a social rather than philosophical, religious or scientific debate, may help resolve some of the significant issues that surround him.

Not got a full handle on Monboddo’s wider social network. Stick up a few choice sources of criticism stemming from conservative evangelical reformers strongly opposed to slavery and highly critical of Monboddo’s perspective. What remains to be done is to see how many figures tumble out of the shadows that may have supported his perspective on class and very rigid forms of social control.

Lord Monboddo’s perspectives look distinctly ahistorical, despite his constant appeals to ancient wisdom and history and it is against his position on social hierarchy and slavery, that his work on the origin and progress of language and his perspective on status of the orangutan must be drawn against.

His views are sometimes described as surprisingly modern in respect to his beliefs on the status of simians but his perspective is a deeply conservative late 17th century one.

He was a being chained to his political and rigid social beliefs. He is also a warning from history, a subject that must be examined fully in context. Debate surrounding Monboddo has long been overshadowed by retrospective concerns, and key aspects of his thesis have received little attention or close scrutiny as a result.

His social position and social connections may have been a factor in downplaying aspects of his beliefs during his lifetime, he was certainly marginalized as soon as he published in later life, but his social and political beliefs are notable by the absence of  full commentary in much of the later material published about him.

His perceived ‘enlightened’ attitudes to simians (or counter arguments dispelling the notion he had an impact on biological thought) have long overshadowed his distinct views on class, race and slavery and it seems difficult to suggest that the subjects are not interrelated although the web is a tangled one that is not easy or intuitive to grasp as it is distant in time and distinct from modern perspectives on such issues.

But it is  also surrounded by a long historical silence on these issues, its only recently that his perspectives are starting to be discussed and the full picture is still far from clear.



















Face facts, I can’t blog anymore. Always the issue with this, my subject starts with a legal text the legality is not particularly the important part, but the issue with it was study dispute in a dispute situation always starts to look like something else.

Also not going to be able to much about what is happening here or part of it at least. Would mean looking for posts on sites from 5 or 6 years ago.

Really sick of this. I had to make a relatively minor complaint about a staff member at university who, no one else would speak about. It caused me no end of issues. When something far worse happened, I tried to deal with the matter informally, more concerned with being able to finish my course of study.

Instead I lost the life savings I had paid in fees for a course I had been blocked from  getting started. Even I was starting to misread and was concerned the environment was balancing studying dispute, as a glanced about my environment; was a mad house.

Not the only person who had serious problems in that place, not the only one not to say anything. Its fear. You know what will happen if you do and unfortunately it’s not a figment of my imagination. That you can deal with.


Orgies of Feelings

” An orgy of feeling (is) employed as the most effective means of deadening dull, paralyzing, protracting pain… To wrench the human soul from its moorings, to immerses it in terrors, ice, flames, and raptures to such an extent that it is liberated from all petty displeasure, gloom and depression by a flash of lightning: What paths lead to this goal? And which of them do so most surely?”

Fredrich Nietzsche

On the Geneology of Morals


Elisabeth R. Anker, Orgies of Feelings, Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom, London, 2014


To Whom It May Concern: A Serious Word.

New day a new term, evil eye for older material, venomous eye as a modern term.

My computer is still playing up. I think I am watching the emergence of a small group of folk starting to flex their muscles online and branching out more. Victims chosen are those they considered to be weak, isolated and vulnerable. Also a serious racist element.

Flushed with what it sees as initial successes, it appears to be on the tipping point of turning into a more serious online entity.

What they will do is track you and shit bomb more popular sites you read using both legal and illegal methods it would seem. They will search out forums you use, personal details on youre family and relatives in an attempt to profile and deepen attacks.

Sad people, this clearly gives them a feeling of power and control. Write all over the palace online using a false name does not hide youre data fingerprint and you can’t wipe the trail you have left.

The obsessive nature of this small merry band is somewhat disturbing.

You are not in control, you have no power and you are going to end up in a world of deep woe. Death threats I take very seriously, data protection more so.

unfortunately I am not weak or isolated and some of the folks I correspond with are rather serious people, who work on really serious areas relating to law, data protection at a senior level and the investigation of criminal entities online using modern computer forensic science.

In Irish law a fool who urges other fools into battle is held liable of the actions of the group. Whilst you may think you are protecting national interest and a defence of you’re community I can assure you, you are doing the contrary and if you persist in youre delusional activities, you are only making matters more serious than they all ready are.

They are already far more serious than you may imagine.

unfortunately in you’re paranoid and delusional state you’re small merry band have already repeatedly over the years shown a complete inability to read correctly and have judged a range of utterly unrelated posts to be related to yourself and youre activities at various web sites.

I would read this post with extreme care if I were you.

If you think this is just a matter of libel or indeed just related to me, I would seriously try to stop running with youre imagination and attempt to start using youre brain.

I don’t want to say anymore as I don’t want to interfere with other processes but I need to protect both my own health and the online safety of my family.





Byssus Is Thinking

With a background in early medieval history, I chose a dangerous path in investigating the more recent past. I ignored all secondary historical sources, used no methodology and read lots of sources cold. I wanted to reduce bias as much as possible, whilst knowing ignorance of wider context would lead to error in the medium term. Now reading other contemporary approaches.

For the early period I will stick to the term the evil eye for more contemporary matters the venomous eye appears a more useful one for the modern period.

Press on with the frog, introduce some brief sources with notes, one on Anglo-Norman Street Theatre and another on Faith and Reason, looking at how the church re-invented and ordered foundation legends during the medieval renaissance. A look at metaphors and how they get under the skin.

More eagle-eyed readers may have noted the origin of my use of the term Byssus, how do you smell the smell of a smell and trace the scent of such things? How do you develop methods to investigate such things forensically?

Break the flow on frogs with a terse post on alibi’s next, using my typical mystical dreamy methods and looking at other mystical seers who use my humble research in other spheres of life.