Grey Matter (Keeping It Real)

“This was the that the best of women would do: going into battle and battlefield, into an encounter and encampment, expedition and hosting, wounding and slaughter. Her bag of provisions hung on one side of her, her infant on the other side; her wooden pole was on her back, thirty feet in length, with an iron hook at one end which she would plunge into the hair of another woman out of the other battalion. Her man would be behind her, a fence- post in his hand, flogging her into battle. For it was a women’s head or her two breasts that were carried off as a trophy at that time. “


Cain Adomain  


A retrospective 10th century narrative, animating an imagined pagan past in a christian present.  The description is inserted into a 7th century legal document concerned with the protection of non-combatants in violent situations.


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