Cutting Words

Going to do more note taking. I am doing little more than attempting to look at my own biases, engage in some pattern matching and at the moment look at the use of ritual and legal measures and the potential for interaction between both subjects.

Also a third factor, large scale cultural change in the wider environment in regard to violence and significant historical change in the language and ritual spaces in which culture plays its role in such acts.

The development of the hall, the hero and the poet does seem to temptingly correspond to changes in the development of kingship and responses to wider changes in the landscape. Its early development by Anglo Saxon culture in early medieval Britain and the absence of heroic verse in early medieval Ireland suggest these relationships can be identified and explored.   i.e. late change in Ireland associated with viking activity, early change in Anglo Saxon culture associated with the protracted slow burning situation with the Britons.

It would seem that changes in how violence is enacted are (or at least the administrative desire to enforce change) are taking place in early medieval Ireland and Western Scotland within its monastic communities.

Ritual processes may also be subject to change and the participation of particular groups subject to increasing policing  and legal processes.

I need to look closer at ritual & law and try and identify any wider historical winds sweeping the west of Northern Britain and Ireland.

Ritual and law I can do something with, hopefully a wider historical picture will emerge with some work (or so I like to tell myself in more confident moments).



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