Head Over Heels (An Expansion of The Garden Stroll)

“Who is more dutiful than I? I put a strap across my breast to carry you from one place to the another, and to keep you out of all the piss and shit. I don’t know of any duty a man’s son could do for his mother that I don’t do for you, except for making that humming tune that women make….” Since I can’t do that humming tune, I will have a harp made to delight you with a strap of white bronze.

“If that were so, she said, “you’re dutifulness would be good. But that is not the duty I mean, but rather the freeing of women from encounter and encampment, from expedition and hosting, from wounding, from slaughter, and from the slavery of the cauldron.

Then she went up on her son’s back, till they came to a field of slaughter. This is how thick the carnage was on which they came: the two feet of one woman reached to the headless neck of the next one.”

Law of the Innocents (10th or early 11th century)

“So it was that the elites of Europe- at least from the eighteenth century- came to conduct and write about their travels as if they had no legs. Skimming across the surface of the country, they would alight, here and there as if to admire the view. The embodied experience of pedestrian movement was, as it were, pushed to the wings, in order to make way for a more detached speculative contemplation. Walking was for the poor, the criminal, the young and above all the ignorant.”

T. Ingold, Being Alive: Essays On Movement Knowledge and Description 

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