Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc


“The particulars above mentioned, which the gentleman whom I attended, learned in the feveral converfations he had with Madamoifelle, and which make no part of the following narrative, are cheifly thefe.- That fhe remembered the country fhe came from was a very cold country, covered with fnow a great part of the year: That the children there are acuftomed to the water from the moment of their birth, and learn to fwim as foon as to walk.- That they are alfo taught very early to climb trees; and a child of a year old there, is able to climb a tree. That the people live in little huts abover the water, like beavers, and fubfift chiefly by fifhing.

She herfelf was fo much ufed to the water, that when fhe firft came to France, fhe could not live without it, and was in ufe to plunge into it over head and ears, and to continue in it fwimming about and diving like an otter, or any other amphibious animal: And when they reftrained her from this practice, after fhe was a little tamed and civilized, fhe thought her health fufered for want of it.”


Lord Monboddo, in, An Account of a Savage Girl Caught Wild In The Woods of Champagne, 1768


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