De Locis Sanctis

Of The Sacred Places 

“We must speak briefly about a very lofty column, standing in the middle of the city, which meets one coming from the sacred places northwards. This column is set up on that spot where a dead young man came to life again when the Cross of the Lord was placed on him, and marvelously in the summer solstice at mid- day, when the sun comes to the center of the heaven, it casts no shadow; for when the solstice is passed, which is the 24th of June, after three days, as the day gradually lessens, it first casts a short shadow, then a longer one as the days pass. Thus this column, which the brightness of the sun in the summer solstice at mid-day, as it stands in the center of heaven, shining straight down from above, shines all round from every quarter, proves that the city of Jerusalem is situated in the middle of the earth. Whence also the Psalmist, prophesying on account of the sacred sites of the passion and the Resurrection which are contained within…..”


Adomnan De Locis Sanctis


As well as his relationship with the law of the Innocents, Adomnan is a crucial source in understanding how the Early Medieval West located the Middle East and charted its own relative position in space in relation to it.

It also gives a solid physical location to the medieval idea of history, which contained both the past and the future in the same space.

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