Things On A Train

” At the heart of such analytical problems lies the unresolved question of the relationship between tribalism and territory. It is widely recognized that one of the major transformations in European society was the shift in  power relations from a system articulated primarily through the control of people to one articulated through the control of land. Indeed, the importance of this shift is so widely recognized that most scholars who have an interest in such matters locate  it in the period of their own specialization, wether that be the meso/ neo-‘ transition or the seventeenth century.

It seems likely that the key to the paradox lies in the fact that this phenomenon is not a single locatable, transformation at all…. The various transformations that we perceive in history and prehistory are, perhaps, part of a continuous process of readjustment and modification of the ways in which the interaction between land and people is organised and expressed.”


Alex Woolf, Romancing The Celts: A Segmentary Approach To Acculturation


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