Brain In A Bell Jar (Mind In A Culture)


Historians note how difficult it is to date Lord Monboddo’s non-dated papers. The issue results from the notable fact, that whilst Monboddo develops an argument and body of work over a long period of time, his mind does not change, its a relentless pursuit of a pre-existing pattern of thought.

I suspect what made this remark so appealing, is I am at a stage of reflection, one of those moments, when i feel I should really know what I am doing and talking about. One way for Art students to accomplish this is to pretend what they are doing is scientific or has some scientific basis.

Looking over my archive of pictures this morning I find the one that caught my eye and pleased me the most was one with which I can make an external literal description consistent with internal emotion.

I am going to look at the introduction to a Savage Girl with a bit more focus and start to look at Monboddo’s Paris expedition, which is presumable a location where Monboddo discovered some consistency between his own thought and the larger environment he found himself in.

Wither I picked the wrong week not to give up reading on Neurobiology, Ideology and social change, remains to be seen but it certainly makes things feel like I have some form of plan.



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