Charts, Plans, Maps as Dust

pleasant to me the sunshine for the way it glitters on these margins so

I was going to write a very terse post on Caesar’s description on druids. For some reason or another reading a distant account of an article on a debate on physics seems to have disrupted that idea.

In order to engage with science (I think engagement is a better term than deploying defensive battlefield terminology) I need to transform it into a language and range of concepts I am familiar with. Given my limited understanding at the moment of Iron age Gaul and my woeful knowledge of anything physics related, any thought is certainly going to be for the moment more art than science.

Rather than looking at druids first, look at northern Gaul from the same individual Roman perspective (Caesar) but look instead at what Good Gauls are made from and what very bad Gauls are constructed out of.

I am more or less noting what I am reading in a parrot fashion, but I notice the manner in which comparative reading, alters what I am doing on the hoof significantly.

Rejected yesterday looking at some of the philosophical and cultural tradition that Caesar is placing himself within. But it had a surface pattern hit which for some reason or another made reading about 21st century science amusing or entertaining for a moment.

Rather than distracting me it’s making me look at a specific topic in a more fuller way with an altering perspective.

Pattern and bridge between the two things may be fleeting and momentary. But it is enough to allow me to relax, be in the moment and engage and play with the subject.


Anonymous Irish Scribe, 7th cen.


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