Toy Story: Orange Mittens & The Origins of Conflict

Breaking news from the world of Orange mitten research!

Origins of Value Conflict: Babies Do Not Agree To Disagree 

We then gave the babies the opportunity to choose between the two puppets: did they like one of them more than the other?

Overwhelmingly, they did: over 80% of our infant subjects preferred the character who expressed the same view as them. This held when the expressed attitudes pertained to clothing, such as yellow versus orange mittens. It also held when the attitudes pertained to foods that babies typically have distinct attitudes towards: graham crackers (which babies typically prefer) versus green beans (which they typically do not). It even held when the attitudes pertained to foods that babies tend to like equally: graham crackers versus cheerios. In all cases, babies robustly preferred the individual who liked the same item they themselves chose.

Conclusion reached is that orange mitten disputes are not grounded in perceptual similarity (wearing the same colored mittens) but seems to be more grounded in choice as the indicator of action (when choice was removed so did the pattern of response) and the individual agent holding a same or differing opinion to the  baby’s.

Reminded of an invite to a middle eastern social gathering, that involved families from a number of parts of the middle- east. The host asked what seemed on the surface to be an innocent enough question. Would anyone like a Turkish coffee?

What followed was a significant debate on coffee (which everyone drank with pleasure) and it’s correct or false ethnic origin.

Would you like a side order of philosophy with your science?



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