I randomly picked up the nearest book in front of me, in this case Isolated Islands in Medieval Nature Culture and Mind.

I have had this book for a couple of years, read the papers multiple times. Sense I  note, was immediately altered the second I started reading a paper on geographical knowledge and the search for earthly paradise.

What altered my reading was my sketch introduction recently to debates in physics on theory and knowing.

Unlike physics this is a subject I know and can understand, I suspect I can run the arguments here, may help get a better sense of contemporary arguments surrounding knowing.

If I get more than a surface hit, then Paul Feyerabend is going to be an interesting read, if the pattern is messy should still be interesting.

I note at the outset that I appear to have the perspective that in terms of knowing string theory and the search for earthly paradise may share a range of common features. See how far that belief will run.


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