Hanging Around

I had some time to kill this morning, I had to hang around the house waiting for a glazier to repair a window who was a couple of hours late.

I thought I would waste some time thinking about scriptoriums hanging in the air.

I have a historical problem here, which I will discuss in the next post but it got me on to the subject of qualities of time.

My first unsystematic thoughts were that my scriptorium in the air may posses a distinct quality of time, kairos (1). In the sense that it gives its intended audience an object it can individually relate to.  Kairos, has a number of meanings, one being the points in speech you use to hold an audience. Localized and familiar references a standard ploy in such practices.

Before writing, I thought I would search through my picture archive for some stock footage of a scriptorium hanging in mid-air. The search proved fruitless I did however find some stock window footage.


Not strictly true my initial thought was mythic sense of time with the scriptorium offering a historical sense of time. That thought died as soon as it was formed and was banished to that immeasurable cavernous space in which my stupid ideas do dwell and flow.



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