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Cover For An Engine   

The meaning of the term ipwt is disputed. It has a relationship with words signifying reckoning or to count. The ipwt  seem to be contained in a chest in the temple of Thoth, and there are a large number of them.

Khufu is spending his time searching for them in order to construct his tomb (his horizon). One modern interpretation of ipwt  envisions the word as signifying  a ‘plan of beyond.’

T.V. last night teemed with right wing politicians setting out their own plans for the construction of a new historic horizon.

Exit from the European union.

Its clearly a cherished object of thought that has been worked for years and become entangled with other things until it becomes central to what it is to be. It seems to be presenting as an ideal form.

In terms of ipwt , the basic repeated measure is, that as a wealthy nation, Britain can play the game but does not have to follow the same rules as everyone else. It can dictate its own terms.

Political vision here seems to be rooted utterly in the past and the instability of the present and seems to be somewhat nakedly displaying what the issue in the mind of the Western administrative classes is, rather than presenting any hope of change.

The literal translation ‘horizon’ for Egyptian texts is apt as it reminds that the sense of death in this culture is very different from our own. When looking at the political vision of right wing politicians involved in planning to leave the European union, a more modern reading of tomb seems more appropriate.

As a political discourse and vision, it has more than a touch of the curse of the mummy about it.



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