I have the batteries on my camera intentionally drained for the moment but the waffle maker is set to maximum.

I prefer to work things out by doing uncomfortable having to think about them.

One of the first things I had to learn with movement was the ‘prat fall.’ It’s a very old theatrical trick.

The intention is to fool the audience into thinking you have fallen flat on your face.

In order to achieve the illusion, you have to fight against the normal reflex action of putting you’re hands up to protect you’re face. It is somewhat disconcerting as you have to wait, keep your arms by your side until you see you have a couple of centimetres to go until you’re face is going to make immediate contact with the ground at high speed.

It can be a deeply painful way to learn, every fibre of you’re being screaming, no as you hurtle through space at high speed. But it does eventually become predictable. Just a case of finding the correct moment and the confidence that you can make the correct call and sense the split second in which you have to act.

Learning to move by falling down.


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