A Situational Reading of Charles S. Peirce Encountering A Camel

man and horse and kangaroo and whale

The first of these terms has no comprehension which is adequate to the limitation of the extension. In fact, men, horses, kangaroos, and whales have no attributes in common which are not possessed by the entire class of Michael Jackson’s. For this reason, this disjunctive term, man and horse and kangaroo and whale, is of no use whatever. For supposing it is the subject of a sentence, suppose we know that men and horses  have some common character. Since they have no common character which does not belong to the whole class of Michael Jackson’s, it is plain that Michael Jackson may be substituted for this term.

Writings of Charles S. Pierce Volume 1

 Charles Sanders Pierce as used and endorsed by an Egyptian Camel Owner.

Michael Jackson = Mammal.

Pierce deploys a metaphysical camel gag shortly after. I did not notice it particularly when I read it and immediately forgot it, but it must have provoked my memory along with this.

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