Being Boiled (As Buddha Says)

That Magic is increased with every magical act performed

As Favret Sara Saada observes, “Any kind of contact between the strong and the weak….. whether it operates through speech, sight, or touch, provides a loss of force or wealth in the bewitched .

Requesting a magical act of a magical practitioner results in a loss of power as the request exposes the weakness of the subject and the possible risk of further bewitchment.

P.G Maxwell Stuart observes  in this relationship a correspondence with status or loss of face, but suggests the real interest in the obligation created through this performance is the potential for the loss or gain of power in- itself.


P.G Maxwell Stuart, Satan’s Conspiracy: Magic and Witchcraft In Sixteenth Century Scotland, 2001


I’ve not read this for years. Debate at the time threw up some interesting questions and issues on magic and witchcraft prosecution in particular for historians. The manner in which truth or falsehood was determined in context on the nature of magic and magical acts.

Controlled Substances: Wealth in The Bewitched

Acts of  magic were criminal offences and those prosecuted may have been engaged in such acts.


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