Processes of Arrest

Eye of a needle1Words are thoughts. Its not how the idea affects you it’s how it affects the mind of the audience’

The Blue Thing

A lesson I learned over twenty years ago. I have no idea how to communicate visually with anyone other than myself. I can however do that effectively, but my thoughts tend to change and I am constantly re-editing  and altering the sense.

Editing the last 3 or 4 shots has involved Richard the Second. But a heavily modified one. I have domesticated him and simplified the themes, to a subject I can relate to and think about in a straightforward way.

He is asking the question, where did I leave my front door keys? I already know the answer to that one, its on the blue thing.

I have no short term memory. It’s a serious challenge of dyslexia and being able to function in daily life.

I am working on the assumption that the things I use to construct a sense of where simple every-day objects are has a relationship with more complex activities.

Like being able to remember Richard the Seconds speech for example. I am word perfect here, its something I have remembered for years.

I remember it because I constantly reach for it, pull it apart, forget it or alter and obliterate it to suite the circumstances.

Having no memory I have to use whatever is to hand, what is in the moment to construct any form of thought. I can also retain something of the sense in these things, particularly through repeated habit.

The blue thing, an outsourced part of my mind. It provides me with a space in which I can remember that I forget about things.


Mel Brookes, Young Frankenstien, scene I.V. when science knocks. Here Mel Brookes explores the issue I have reading Daniel Dennet on Mind. It originally referred to sciences treatment of myth but was subject to some late minute changes.



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