Apple Tree (Confirmed By Actual Experience)


Day two of reading. I find myself in 1787. The art of fishing has been rationalized. Fishiness glows with the enlightened concept of perfectibility. It is a subject transformed.

Fishing now has an identified ‘father’ or begetting spirit. Fishiness a direct means of experiencing and evaluating natural philosophy through the contemplation of natural objects. It even manages to introduce Isaac Newton’s Principia, into it’s first paragraph.


Thomas Best, A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Confirmed by actual Experience; Interspersed with several new and recent discoveries forming a complete museum for the lovers of that pleasing and rational recreation; To which are added prognostics of the weather independent of the barometer and a new chapter containing rules, how best to form a competent judgement of the changes that take place, in that useful instrument.

Ninth Edition





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