Work Out Day

So far I think I have only established a couple of things in regard to genius. generating spirit does indeed seem to be the animating concept through time.

In the 19 th century the term luck and chance seem to become associated with the concept.

Not much.

I can suspect that the concept may be animating thoughts on formed stone. Looking at how the concept will alter, Edward Lhwyd will become a founding father in the history science due too his early work in the fossil record.

Seems to represent a civic shift, Lhwyd becomes a representation of Welsh genius, here he enters a wider collection of votive figures associated with the ponds and streams that form Britain.

Why the increased emphasis on luck and chance? Is this related to the growth in the cult of civic identity and genius,changes in philosophical perspective, or a mix of both?

I notice the only reason I am trying to disentangle the subject is that I suspect when I come to read secondary sources the emphasis will be placed on the relationship of genius with identity. One other feature I would expect to find is an emphasis on associating the civic with the religious.

I can ignore this aspect for the moment as I suspect the ground will be well covered here.

I think I will stick with fossils and fish as I have no sense of direction here and no map. I am completely uncertain about what I am looking at and what its wider relationships may be.

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