Of The Causes of Mixture

Solution; For all Bodies mix best, in Forma fluida. And that for two reasons. First, Because the parts of a Body are not then in a state of Union, but of Separation; and therefore, in a more capable state, for their Mixture and Union with the parts of another Body. Secondly, because then they are also in a state of Motion, more or less; and therefore, in a continual tendency towards Mixture; all Mixture being made by Motion. Wherefore all Generations, and most perfect Mixtures in Nature, are made by Fluids; whether Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral. Which is also agreeable to the Doctrine of the Honourable Mr. Boyle, in his Excellent Treatise of the Nature and Vertues of Gems. And it is well known, That Bodies are ordinarily petrified, or Stones made, out of Water. That is, out of petrifying parts dissolved per minima in Water, as both their Menstruum and their Vehicle. Wherefore, if we will talk of making Gold;it must not be by the Philosophers Stone, but by the Philosophers Liquor.



Nehemiah Grew, Concerning the Nature Causes and Power of Mixture, 1674


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