The Secrecy of Sympathies

Sympathy is the older term from which a history of Synthesia can be placed in I think. I like reading about this subject, as for me reading descriptions of subjects with this ‘condition’ come closer than anything else to describing how my own memory and mind works.

I find it amusing when its described as abnormal as the thought that people’s minds don’t work in this way is just plain weird. How on earth could people not think like me?

I don’t think I have synthesia anymore than I think I have dyslexia.  Dyslexia is a label, it’s important to be labelled that way for administrative reasons within an education system to ensure my papers you’re papers are in order. Its a creature of a filing cabinet.

The descriptions I read about synthesia, I have always thought of them as associated with dyslexia. When subjects describe how they use their minds, its a description I can associate with learning to tell the time or learning how to do basic arithmetic. It also seems to be related to how I remember things.

I don’t need to use it now but when I started researching the relationship between water and land, my way of recalling the subject was to walk into a three dimensional space (A Welsh 17th century cottage) and touch the rough stone of the whitewashed walls. I could then recall my subject a late 17th century naturalist (remembering names is an issue I have with short term memory) as I could now see him.


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