The Strange Subtlety of Effluviums


The Birth of Man (In An Occult laboratory) 

In the birth of Man it is equally ftrange, that the pangs of the Women in the exclusion of the child have fometimes affected the abdomen of the husband, which to fuch as have experimented the secrecy of sympathies, and understanding the fubtilty and power of effluvium’s, perhaps may not feem difficult: But that the Man fhould fometimes fuffer fuch pains, whilft the Women is well, and before fhe is in labour, is a problem I fear beyond all Hopes of a solution. And yet that this has happened to fome perfons in Oxford is very certain, and that to knowing ones too, very unlikely to be deceived, and of unqueftionable veracity…… but how they should come to pafs, is fo hard to determin that I dare not yet attempt it, it being difficult not to err concerning such myfteries of nature.


Robert Plot, The Natural History of Oxfordshire


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