Troubles Ahead

Being Brazil 

I was making an attempt to be a bit more coherent (or slightly better than normal) and stay to stay on topic. I noticed a book on the shelf in an late 17th century laboratory. Its blown me in slightly a differing direction.

Its also given me something of a headache. I have a comparative source, I read five or six years ago. I can’t find my notes on it, its going to take weeks of reading to find.

Lurching off topic, means at least I have a record of what I am finding. I am not sure what I am looking at in the late 17th century in relation to sympathy. But I suspect it is in some way related to spirit or essence.

Without clear sight of the source which I have lost mark the next post down as speculation.

My thought is altering in regard to a general question. European travellers have a tendency to place existing European forms of narrative on the native species they encounter outside of Europe.

At first glance that seems to make everything familiar, the same stories are routinely deployed with regularity.

Up until last night this familiarity would have been the point I would have emphasised in any generalisation of the subject.

I am starting to think that is not the case, the narratives are localised in order to express the idea that the spirit and essence of exotic locations is unknown and alien.

To see if this idea sinks or swims I am going to end up in Scotland but before returning to the laboratory, I am going to travel to South America and to Brazil.


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