The Plant


I desire the wood of allabair and argatbran, between fire and wall

I desire the three lean boars.

May a phantom come to meet me with the grain and milk of whoever it is on whom I cast it.

If this is destined for me, let it be grain and milk that I see.

If it is not destined for me, let it be wolves stags and wandering on the mountian and young warriors that I see.


Codex Sancti Pauli, Irish, 9th century.


I have not done any reading or thinking for a while.   Had this verse bouncing around.

Can’t treat it as an ethnographic example of a spell or charm, its location in an Irish eclesiastical document may sugest that the goal of the text is to guide the reader towards God.

Regardless of the outcome fate or chance has in store for the individual, be it grain and milk or wolves and stags, its going to be unsucessfull. The ultimate goal is to see past earthly things.

Rather subtle text.

Not been able so far to get past the social aspects of the text and think more about chance or fate.

I have however come up with a highly boring title, Defining Myself Through Agricultural Produce.

For some reason or another it makes me laugh.

No idea why, but I find in the early stage of study coming up with some terrible joke that makes me laugh is an important early motivator.

So next I will look at some aspects of social organistion and self in early medevial Ireland, snigger at my clumsy use of language and try not to beleive everything I think or write in clunky sweeping, generalized sentances.


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