Snacking, Eating Habits Motivations and Attitudes in 9th Century Ireland

Canada September 2016

Snacking is truly the fourth meal of the day for Canadians with its popularity extending to both in and out of home. Snacking is an adaptable occasion, and as such so must be manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators to compete in the space. While health in snacking is important for many Canadians, it cannot be whittled down to only that area. Consumers also see snacking to enhance experiences, be a stand-in for a traditional meal and even as a support when stressed. The demands of snacking also change throughout the day with the need for health in the morning morphing into the desire for indulgence in the evening. Genders and age groups also have different needs and levels of demand from their snacks, and as such companies need to clearly identify what need they are or can meet to carve out their share of the preverbal pie when it comes to snacking.


Mintel Market Report , Snacking Eating Habits- Motvations and Attitudes, Canada, September 2016


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