The Forgiven

I desire the wood of allabair and argatbran, between fire and wall

I desire the three lean boars.


Giving some context I feel the desire to engage in speculation.

I only have an English translation of the text. I need to find the original and do some digging with the the words and entymology.

Still stuck at the start and can’t work it out.

My first thought was its signifying the desire for high status objects. Grand designs for a relativly mundane act.

A disproportunate act fueled by desire.

It may be better viewed as a desire for highly visible and recognizable objects?

Tokens that serve to demonstrate the act is public and justified.

An act of vegence for example that has been festering in private and commited in secret were grave and seriously problematic acts.

Such things can be justified if commited in public for all to see.

Unseen and undeclared acts are by nature proof of guilt within early medevial collective legal systems.

In a world of collective responsibilty, unseen and undeclared emotion is a potent chaotic force that must be guarded against.

It may still be a dissprortionate act but the desire for self preservation and justification may also be expected to be present.

In this society that demands high visibilty.

The signs must be clear, the ritual recognizable.



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