I Echo I Inform

I desire the wood of allabair and argatbran, between fire and wall

I desire the three lean boars.

Still stuck here.

I can come up with two possible options. These are objects well known to the audience. They are clear non-christian in orgin so potentialy part of legend and the past.

The other option is that these are items of poetic licence which the poet has conjured.

Whatever, they appear to have a curious wieght and to occupy an ambigious space.

At the moment I am not concerned with 9th century authenticty or ‘keeping it real.’

Wondering instead how it is to be delivered and spoken.

I echo I inform fits rather well.

Some further speculation next  on the Poet and poetries relationship with the reciter. Poets did not perform, that task was left to a lower status actor, the reciter.


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