The Echo (I Inform I Bring To The Attention of)




n (cf. macc alla?) echo; whispering: allabair i foccus (of a wonder), Triads 107 .i. mac-alla no iollabhar is gnáth a bhfod ó neach, p. 38 . In legal contexts apparently information, notice (Plummer MS. notes): ar allabuir aicsen .i. arin folabradh doní aca faicsin, O’D. 396 (H 3.17, c. 301) i.e. `the seeing of which (estrays) he reported‘, Plummer = ar allobair aicsena .i. a faigsin oga .i. a radh is leis fein é, O’C. 1796 (23 Q 6, 41 b) = arallair naicsen, O’C. 842 ( H. 3.18, 383a ). allobair .i. folabra, ut est ar allobair n-aicsina, O’Dav. 144 . ?ferr allobair a mbrathairsia a mbas .i. is ferr duit in óalloibair do gniat na braithre umut na mbasugudh .i. no is fearr duit an folubair do gnít na braithre a lá nair, a la buana . . ., 379 (H 3.18, 214b). As Allabair ┐ Dessabair ┐ Lessabair etc., LL 354d37 .


eDIL Electronic Dictionary of Irish Language, Allabair, Allobair


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