The Wealth of the Bewitched


I Inform I Bring To The Attention of

Break down the poem into some simple steps that help shape potential inflection.


Its clear, direct, a simple statement of intent.

Ownership of objects that are not possessed and appear beyond reach.


Its cental point is an act that has not been commited


A vision that has not been seen.

In Clear Sight

Its perhaps also worth noting that no measure of the speaking subject is given, no indication of gender, age, occupation, situation.

The speaker could  be anyone or everyone.

Trick here is to not to betray or give any sense of the abiguity at play I think.

The intent of what lurks under its surface is to remain invisible and give the appearance of being fully drawn and in the open.

Its an attempt at minipulation and control.

Power here is drawn from the bewitched.

It engages and becomes by denial, it’s being completly unseen and detached from the object which will create it.


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