Still life

Despite all the waffle about a rather terse verse. All I feel I need to understand is the one basic observation made when I first started playing with it.

I don’t need to absorb and project any emotion as that will come from somewhere else.

Everything needs to come from vocal control. Its an exercise in technique.

Stillness within movement. In plain sight yet unseen.

Lends itself perfectly to what in modern terms is called a stage whisper. You give the illusion of quitness and stillness while letting the sound echo very clearly through the whole of the room.

In a more intimate encolosed space it can become quite disconserting.

Always moments in any performance when a part of an audience or an individual seems to be breaking free or moving away momenteraly. You are constantly scanning and adjusting movement or the direction of sound to bring them back in.

Sometimes using this form of projection you can see people trying to move away and then discovering they can not break free of the sound.

They know something is not as it seems but are unsure as to what it may be.

I have the basics of the soundscape that seems to lend itself perfectly to the poem.

I can’t break free of its sound either it seems to demand this form of delivery.




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