I desire the wood of allabair and argatbran, between fire and wall

I desire the three lean boars.

May a phantom come to meet me with the grain and milk of whoever it is on whom I cast it.

If this is destined for me, let it be grain and milk that I see.

If it is not destined for me, let it be wolves stags and wandering on the mountian and young warriors that I see.

First attempt at working out an inflection.

I did something I would not normally do, and aked a specific question, is anything to be seen in the text?

I then forgot about it and went on with the first basic move of learning to speak it.

wood I stumbled about with, its imprortant (at least at the start, as its telling me where I am in relation to these objects) its giving me a sense of the space in which these objects lie.

Grain stood out because its more whole than milk, speeech is much slower than normall time let it be pause grain (another slight gap) and milk that I see.

Its not in sight I am not occupying the same space but its in a diffrent place from milk. Its emphsising something or as I do not know what I am doing its safer to say I am looking for spaces that have the potential to fill.

For some reason wolves and stags stand out as the only two objects that have the potential for being fully seen. In the moment of saying the words the things occupy and absorb the stage.

Wood then is the first word to play with. It may not preform the same role at the end but its a way in.

First question that arises is how many ways can I alter the inflection of the first line?

I think the objects are unseen and out of reach. The easy way to test that is to bring themq to life.

To doo that requires a simple trick of detachment.


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