All The World Is A Stage?

Nothing remotly natural about being on the stage. As I learned somewhat painfully in a lesson.

Small scale and intimate can have to be transformed to the large and the vast in order to be seen.

Speech is not delivered as it is in normal life, its generally far slower particularly with verse. The sound is projected, which has its own set of mechanics and movement to deal with.

Movement itself like speech is altered to cope with the large scale.

Its as far away from natural as you can get.

That also presents an opening. Sense of space and time is altered. Working out where you are in relation to other objects does not have to obey the rhythms of normal existance.

Here second sight and it’s sense of time is perfectly natural and easily within grasp.

With my 9th century poem at the moment I do not know where I am. I have not worked out who is speaking and when. I have not fully worked out its sense of time.

I do know from experaince that these subjects do not have to corrispond to the everyday way we experiance space and time. It adds another layer of oppertunity and a wider range of questions.

You are using a different measure and set of rules to work out where you are and who you are.

Things are not as they seem, all the world is drawn on this stage.



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