Vision In Certain Circumstances

Years ago I was rehearsing a scene from Romeo and Juliet. The director got somewhat exaspirated lost his temper and shouted at me. “I can’t direct you, you think in pictures I think in words.”

I know what I was doing wrong retrospectivly. He did temper the sting with noting ‘he could beleive every word I said’. I was going for naturalisim, to make the conservation utterly real.

It was to small for the stage. His observation was rather dramatic and not entirly true, I don’t think in pictures but I certainly was using some form of visual processing to arrive at a sense of intimacy and realisim.

It worked what was missing was the balance. Common error I make is simply becoming to absorbed in what I am doing. Occupational hazard of dyslexia.


I am not very good at mind reading. I was rather surprised at my directors outburst I was not expecting it but I am rather use to it.

Dyslexia often leaves me with having to work out my own way through things. Some processing tasks I can’t learn to do in the ‘right way’ I have to work out a ‘wrong way’ to do them.

Its not always easy to unentangle what is the right or wrong way, you often feel slightly out of step with the world and that can be exasparating at times for both you and other people. It can often gets some what emotional in learning situations.

I think what shocked me was someone saying they thought in words. Rather alien concept. Not entirly sure how I think, I use vision to remember and cover the gaps and issues I have with short term memory.

I also use the same sort of processing when I want to create a particular atmosphere on a stage. people seem to take something from it, but life is a constant reminder to me that other minds differ from my own so I have no idea what they say or if they see anything.

It does however seem to translate in some shape or form.


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