Relative location

I desire the wood of allabair and argatbran, between fire and wall

I have five objects. Two pieces of wood and three wild boars. I have some understanding of the space they hold between fire and wall. I have been here before.

Normal rules of time do not apply, my speech and movment are altered, the speed and rhythm here are not those of natural speech or movement, in real time in a real world.

My position in space can also alter at high speed, huge potential depth and distance between fire and wall, it can be vast in one moment, small upclose and personal in the next instance.

I can be fully formed or I can disappear entirly and become something else.

Space here has curious quilities, an altered sense of space and time, the range of potential movement is limitless, yet this unnatural scale and nature bring with it its own requirments and constraints.

Complete absence in this vast scale and within these objects, no sense of a past. Its something of a burnt offering. Its masked, some attempt is being made to alter, disguise. To destroy any sense of it.


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