I desire the wood of allabair


Sort of cursing and scratching my head at the moment. But I have learned something as I can see history repeating itself.

I am stuck with what to do with this word, ‘the wood of allabair’ how do I get it to make sense and will it unlock the rest of the sentance?

I have two basic moves, I can use observation and comparision. First thing is to listen how I am inflecting it. I can see when I do, that I am trying to give it some sense. I can  also see where I have drawn it from, heavens cherubim, from Macbeth.

I have the sound but not the context, so I chew through the line in Macbeth.

I want to engage directly with the audience at this point, as in the next moment Macbeth is going to disappear from view. Replaced by a discriptive scene he is watching. Its a fast switch. I don’t want the cherubim to be seen but it’s presence must be clearly felt and the moment must be real.

I  want to momentarly create a stillness and intamcy in a very short space of time that hangs in the air and allows everyone in. Using an abstract object to convey the sense that the moment is real and can be reached for and felt within, with no effort.

I don’t want it to produce an image or get slowed down with thought, it just is. Its role is simply to be and to demonstrate that you are here and within this space. Where else could you be?

I have a past with words that when all else fails, can be deployed to move and animate the present.

As long as you are not standing still, the chance to unlock and transform is always possible although it is far from a certain science.

Comparison does not give me a fixed sense of what to do. It gives me an indication of the potential range. Cherubim allows me to start small and in the next second transform to a vast scale.

I desire the wood of allabair and argatbran, between fire and wall.

I get a sense of what the potential range of the space between fire and wall may be by the comparison. It seems to be doing things the other way round, its trying to locate the small within the large. Locating a specific space in the wider scale of things.

The next line “ I desire the three lean boars.” Can I just let them randomly stroll into view and within plain sight without further explanation? Do they occupy and live within the space I have just created?

A very real-time in motion, demonstration of where we are and the nature of the space that we now fully occupy?

I have no idea but its a start. Being perplexed, startled and uncertian of vision. It is certainly contianed within the flames.

If nothing else the idea of a random boar drive- by makes me laugh.

It would seem my desire is for some sort of map that allows me to position the objects I have to use in space and relate them to each other.

I have no idea what the objects may be, but I appear to hold some belief that if I can get a sense of space and how far they may range within it, I can somehow come to terms with them. Perhaps not perfectly but enough to make it hold together give to of being apart of.

The verse is staggering onto its feet with a somewhat unstead and uncertain movement.


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