The Prisoners Dilemma

If it were done when ‘tis done then ‘twere well

It were done quickly.

Thinking fast on my feet, I have to work out where I am. The verse dictates that for me. It starts small and builds to a vast scale before climbing down again at the end.

Sound in places is huge and the space created dramatic.

I must be on the stage on my own to achieve that volume and scale. I need to get a sense of intimacy within it, it’s an internal world being opened and exposed.

My first sense of the line is that Macbeth is simply indecisive, his thoughts turning to the immediate future and the murder of Duncan.

It’s a malcontent and disjointed thought. If and indecision eradicated seconds later with, with when crashing like a verbal cosh.

It needs to be done at speed in case his discomfort and indecision thwart his ambition.

It seems to make sense. The rest of the speech seems to fall into place. It’s not bent out of shape but I notice I am not comfortable with it.

Simply A case of volume. The sense makes me dwell and emphasis if, when. Its got a high lengthened hit at the opening, if is the deciding factor. That’s followed in a flash with an even more forceful when.

When tis done is quite brutal and cold I think. The act of murder has to be no more to Macbeth than sleeping, its not the murder, it’s the potential damage to reputation and above all how that effects his chance to hold power and achieve his ambition.

Small space that is hot cold ugly, everything that drives is bubbling beneath a barley supressed surface.

But its hitting too hard and to loud from the first word. I feel I am losing any sense of intimacy but it does not make any sense to speak it any other way.

I just have to live with the feeling that something is missing and run with what I have got. I can’t see a fast and dirty fix. It’s not the only thing I have to worry about.

I have the whole of the rest of the speech and it must end.

Sooner rather than later. I seem to be off with a bad start but I at least seem to have a powerfull ending.

The observation, that working with the text, the experiance of struggling to hold the moment and do time within it, echo’s and blends with the emotions it contains, is not in this moment particulary reassuring.

I have a bad start and a distinct feeling it may not end well.


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