No More Than Van (no problem)

I am about to discover the problem I made for myslef with Macbeth.

I created a space that seemed to suit the circumstances.I am alone on the stage in a private world where I can think freely and the thought can come out with force.

I have to build a big sound and big image. It has to be a private internal space. I saw that as having to be mirrored on the stage and that I was alone.

Wishful thinking.

Hautboys and torches. Enter a Sewer, and divers Servants with dishes and service, and pass over the stage. Then enter MACBETH

The internal world is mirrored on the stage but that is because it is peopled and potentialy hostile.

I don’t have time to think it through, comparison and theft seems the only option open.

Its not the sound I have to alter but the thought and emotions that drive it.

Tension here between the soundscape the verse demand ‘s and the situation it finds itself in.

Its not an easy one to resolve. I can see why I first prefered to ignore the basic observation: he can be overheard. It alters everything.

Its a very simple stage direction, that gives the measure of the verse.




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