The Speaking Subject

Three Wild Boars

I had no idea when I was desperatly trying to work out how Macbeth should sound that I was rigdly using the prison speeech from Richard the Second to crack the words open and create a space and tension in which they could move.

At the time it felt like drowning, anything I reached for seemed to be slipping out of touch.

I was unware when I started to work out how to inflect a 9th century poem that I was using techniques I had learned from Macbeth. I had to pay close attention too actualy catch sight of what I was doing.

I still have no clue what the introduction to the 9th century poem may be but after loosing sight of it and not thinkng about it for a while, I am now resonably confident I can speak it and make it occupy and hold a space for a momement.

All I seem to have done is create a series of spaces in which I can place an emotion in and watch it move and become something else.

I can see a bit more clearly the moves I am habitualy prone to make.

I wonder how that will alter if I can work out its history and contextual usage in the 9th century?


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