Crime Scene

Can I distil anything from Nosferatu on a much smaller scale?

I am looking at the theft of butter milk or root vegtables. It seems on the surface to be of a different nature.

On the surface I have a well formed simple narrative. Under the surface I have nothing its entirly empty, no history, no crime, the only identifable emotion is desire, which is given no context to place it in.

Behind the simple description of hearth, mountian, crops and wildlife is a vast empty space animating the whole thing and entirly absent from the scene envoked.

Certainly shared territory.

The nature of the intended crime itself may also share something with Nosferatu’s taste for crime.

Within the rhythms of everyday village life the objects of desire here, milk, butter, crops, are intimatly bound an expression and extension of the individuals who poses them.

It shapes the pattern of everyday speech. When the postman greets Mrs Mcpherson he says “Hallo; and how are youre potatoes today?”

The well being of Mrs Mcpherson and the well being of Mrs Mcphersons potatoes are bound with each other and the wider village network through its gossip system.

Subject to daily monitoring and surveillance as they are intimatly connect to being alive and staying alive.

Any significant change in the status of Mrs Macphersons potatoes  tells us something about the state of Mrs Macpherson.

What forces are at play in the world that affect this mysterious system of rationing?

Does a rotten soul produce rotten potatoes? Or can it have a fruitfull harvest at others expense?



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