Vacancies Exist


The Shooter

When I first toook this shot I titled it the sporting shooter. Its a 19th century magazine that I am only familair with because in one of its additions it contains an article on the enlightenment philosopher Lord Monboddo.

Its a reminder to myslef on high enlightenment perspectives on abstraction. I can pick up a paper read about the history and begin to understand it. But I am not walking about with the idea.

I can’t do with the idea what the figure in the above image is doing with the gun. My memory is entirly outsourced and living in pieces of paper. It has no life outside this space.

I have entirly transformed the picture as I am about to start reading something else. The diffrence, I have marked out where I am going to place things before I really start.

I have a space it fits into perfectly, it can become apart of and alter. I can pass the idea by on the street as I walk to Tesco’s.

Without creating such space I don’t seem to remeber much. I need to be able to hold and play with the abstract.

Watching how that impacts on everyday objects as they disintigrate, shatter and decay, is a way of holding on to something else, of keeping it in mind and close to hand.

The text no longer just say’s as it is no longer saying anything in words.


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