Lets Create A problem and Comparison

One of the main properties of the poem I have been examining is it appears to be aware of variation and diffrences within an audience.

The poet is playing with the knowledge that he is creating what is essentialy an unseen space that will be filled with agency.

The temptation would be to take that observation, insert the magic words cognative sophistication and claim a 6th to 9th century space as a place holder to its birth.

I can then note that the development of larger scale ethnic identity is a feature of this period and then start to wonder if these aspects of mind have a role in the development of larger scale identities.

Lets take Welshness as an example. I can see and examine the oldest example of a Welsh household from the archeological record.

The issue is on close examination it does not appear to be particularly Welsh. The structure seems like an  Irish design, the textile fragments, anglo saxon, pottery Northern British.

If Welshness is to exist and the Welsh are to become above all Welsh and clearly seen, its going to have to be something other than the sum of it’s parts.

Its going to demand a particular state of mind and perspective.


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