The Good Wife



Postman- “Good morning Mrs Mcpherson. And how are youre potato’s today?

A Taste For Romance

I was watching a program on the making of scotch whisky. When it got to  the question why does  whisky taste the way it does? Things  got a bit mysterious.

One comentator noted that whisky makers believed that if they left the house in the morning after having an argument with their wife the whisky they made would taste bad. If they left with a kiss it would taste good.

The whisky would yeild more.

My first job on leaving school was in the whisky industry. I must confess in relation to work I was more concerned about poor wages and bad working conditions than my girlfriends state of mind.

Was an attempt to establish a trade union but the owner managed to ambush the union rep. armed with a large case of single malt. He never reached the shop floor.

Many of the long-term shop floor workers were alchoholics. The more skilled youre position the more naked you could be in regard to drink consumption, lesser the role, the more it became a matter of disguise and theft.

Company accepted loss here as addiction maintianed ties that bound the workforce to the source of it’s addiction.

Poor pay, bad working conditions, they were something you felt you had no control over. I noticed the person doing the speaking on television looked as if he may be more involved in the management (he was at least implicated in the maintance of brand and identity) rather than the production of whisky.

Which is perhaps why the emphasis is shifted here, good taste, good company is related to the possesion, regulation and maintinance of a good wife.

Production here operates on a vast industrial scale but in terms of responsability the scale is shifted to the individual male worker and his ability to maintian good order within his household.

The role of the good wife is not particularly recent but survived the shift from small scale to large scale production more or less intact.

In terms of the postman and inflection. What gives the words shape can be entirly unseen and unheard in the sound, yet on the stage it has to be clearly felt and drawn.

It makes the words yeild more.

Every move here has been monitored, regulated and charted in advance. Now that has to be forgotten, unseen, unheard and unknown. Simply becomes something else that lives only in the moment and no where else.

Bait and switch. Sound and its sense of taste is in the balance of the movement somewhere.


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