The Three Little Pigs

Notably, the active coding of the ‘stimulus-absence decission was not a visual response but emerged during a delay phase when the monkey needed to decide whether it has seen the stimulus. This indicates that the categorical stimulus-absence signal arises during a post-sensory cognitive processing stage. Thus, behaviorally relevant stimulus absence decisions are not encoded by default (baseline) neuronal responses but rather internally generated signals. The brain seems to translate the lack of a stimulus into a categorical and active stimulus absence representation.”

I really want to see three little pigs.

Am I seeing them as I speak?

Am I trying to decide if I have just seen them or not?

Is this thought in the moment involving a random drive by of pigs, or do we have a slight retrospective delay where it is becoming internalized?

Split second decision and a significant alteration.

Are they appearing and then disappearing into a world of unfelt, unkowable pigness or are they being consumed and becoming part of a human symbolic system ?

I feel I may have a taste for smoked pork here. Wood and flesh may contain similar properties, i.e. strength and protection. Imparting a good taste which I can relate to good judgement (this is the property I most desire).

I don’t really need to think about this. I don’t need to translate the clunk of science to know that any significant processes of internalization and consumption is not taking place.

Thats for the future. The shape of the rest off the verse dictates that. The poem would fragment into two sperate parts if I placed too heavy an internal emphasis here.

I have form dictating the shape here. I have something within sight or a few breaths away from it.


I have a random drive by of boars I suspect, captured in plain sight, in the moment although they are clearly moving and about to become something else.

Its the first hint I get with the poem that I am actualy in the room occupying the same space and time and in the moment.

I also know that it is possible to make a move here and get the audiance to see it perfectly or at least sense something in the moment and take something memorable and pleasurable from it thats  absorbing.

Its not an exact science and it may not always work, but when it does it is clear to see.

How does this form of communication work? I have no idea how to express it other than in clunky terms that seem like an attempt to do something else.

I feel somwhat dumb but I am sometimes perfectly capable of walking and even talking at the sametime. Dramatic prat falls are a part of such a business you just get use to having to be a fool at times.

In regard to the psychology here. I stumbled across it retrospectivly. It contains both what I like about psychology and what makes me question it.

I have a tendancy to select territory that seems familair, experiments I may not have an answer for but seem familiar.

I like questions I am familiar with and responses I already feel I know.

I like patterns that fit, focus less when they do not.  I can alter the inflection so they match perfectly.




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