What Does Democracy & Law Have To Do With Ian Duncan Smiths Political Vision?

Not a lot.

Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative former work and pensions secretary and prominent leave campaigner, tells Sky News that he thinks most MPs would vote to invoke article 50. But he says that he does not think the courts have the right to tell the government what to do.


Reminds me of Chris Grayling, when he got the Job of seecretary of state for justice, his pep talk to staff most of whom were former senior barristors or lawyers, started with him floating a gaint sized lead balloon into the room, by stating, ‘You may think much of what I want to do is illegal!’

Chris presided over a prison system that has been increasingly underfunded and understaffed and has now reached crisis point. To stem this flow he introduced inovative changes like ensuring that prisoners were denied accesses to books and other forms of reading material.

A man who will go to a fire and pour petrol on it, providing the resulting flames feed popular opinion.

Still every cloud has a silver lining in la la land, as it is now ‘well known’ that the E.U. has been denying British police acesses to migrants criminal records leading to them flooding our prison system.

Semi- detached politics of the extreme has a gift for turning its failure into a badge of successses, here failure is always satisfying as it is always caused by other people.

Gardian, High Court Says Parliament must vote on triggering article 50


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